This frisky fellow decided to be on patrol today while I sat on the deck and painted. Actually, I probably spent more time taking photos of him than painting.

Unless I stood up and moved around my table toward him, he would not leave. And when I did make him scoot, he'd snatch one last kernel of corn before he'd scamper down the post.

This shot's with a telephoto, but I'm still only 5 feet from him the whole time he munches his lunch. And he can put it away, too!

Years ago, my husband wrote a great story about a big white oak, which included a squirrel. Maybe it's time to illustrate it and get this little creature published. I did drawings as illustrations after Bob completed the story, but paintings and photos would be more fun. Getting the book into print is also much easier now, too. I've talked myself into a new project!

I love his little paws. Awwwwwe. Better get back to painting.


Sandy said...

Yes..Aaaaw is just the comment I would make...look at those beautiful trusting eyes and the paws.He/she is so cute!! We don't have squirrels here in Australia... we have possums which are a bit similar....Sorry, I haven't got a possum photo to show you.

Trijnie said...

will he sit still. He is cute

Dawn said...

Sandy! I can see you in the squirrels eye! a self portrait via squirrel.

love you book idea, I hope you will share it, when you are done!

Sandy said...

Great photo!!! Love his pose. I would have been clicking too!


RHCarpenter said...


ahorine said...

Great photo Sandy! You are a photographer, too, I see. I am a long time friend of your student, Kathy Marie W. She is my teacher and shares some of what she has learned from you with me. Anne