Fluid acrylics painted over collaged pieces of washi papers helped enhance the textures I wanted in this painting. I used rubbing alcohol to rub off some of the dried acrylics to reveal the colors and textures underneath. This painting is on canvas, which makes it easy for the viewer to reach out and touch the textures.

When I started this, I had no preconceived idea of what I was going to paint - my favorite way of painting for sure. Letting the painting lead me is lots of fun and often very exhilarating, allowing expression I could not reach any other way. I also like letting the viewer decide what they see instead of defining it clearly. What do you see?

"OPEN YOUR HEARTS AND SING" Fluid Acrylics over Collaged Rice Papers on Canvas 18 x14" Collected


Suzanne said...

I like this piece very much, Sandy. Thanks for explaining the process.

Dawn said...

when I enlarged the painting Sandy it reminded me of fossils in the rocks. And I love fossils! Great painting and some of my favorite colors too!

Anonymous said...

i see a big snake with open jaw.. i luv ur technique!