Yesterday's blog featured an otter, so today I have to give space to my other favorite creature, the giraffe. When they were younger, our kids got to feed the giraffes at a Colorado zoo and loved placing those crackers on their long, dark purplish blue tongues.

This painting, finished many years ago, started out with a wash of rainbow hues across the whole paper. I'd carefully miskited the whites on the giraffe's face, ear, and neck ahead of time, though. After that colorful glaze dried, I miskited the leaves in front of the neck, then added more darks to the neck and face before painting the spots in.

Special attention was given to the edges of all the dark spots so that they did not look glued on. The edges range from hard to soft to disappearing, lending a 'fur-like' effect to this animal's coat.

I love the casual glance these beautiful creatures can give you as they sweep their long eyelashes down. They're so elegant and stately. And it's been said that you should paint things you really like. I do.

"LET'S DO LUNCH" Transparent Watercolor on 140#CP Fabriano Artisico 11 x 25"


Dawn said...

wow o wow! I love Giraffes Sandy, you did a great job on this one. it looks like a photo!

RHCarpenter said...

Did you hear the Cincinnati Zoo is getting 4 new young giraffes??? Take your camera!

carl h. sr. said...

Sandy,it is amazing the way you can take a memory and illustrate it.This painting has a real peaceful feeling about it.

Sandy Maudlin said...

Thanks, Dawn and Carl,
I work form photos usually, Carl. My memory is good only for trees and some flowers. For realistic animals, I must have reference photos and maybe drawings I've done. Thanks to both of you for visiting today.