This hollyhock and buds were batiked via hot wax and watercolor paint on Thai Unryu paper. This mulberry paper has wonderful silky theads scattered through it to lend a graceful textured effect and is excellent to use when batiking a floral. It can also be purchased with golden or silver threads woven in it...adding a nice sparkle to a painting, too.

When working on watercolor batiks, I paint almost randomly with color after each layer of wax is applied, hence the blue touch of color in the pink flower here. The color accidents that occur by painting this way create more excitement in the picture than if everything is painted the 'proper' color. Although the colors I choose are mostly what I want in an area, I'm careful to not be careful about filling in the shapes accurately. The pinks that show up in the leaves attest to that.

"SPLENDID!" Transparent Watercolor on Thai Unryu rice paper, adhered to 140#CP Arches, 11 x 18" Collected


Dawn said...

WOW that batik is so dramatic, once again Sandy a beautiful painting!

Tracy Wandling said...

Your versatility is truly wonderful and inspiring! Having only been painting for 2 years now, I am still trying to tame the beast...but coming here and seeing all the possibilities keeps me inspired to work, work, work...so many things to try, so little time! Thanks for sharing your fantastic array of talent with us!!!

island1865@hotmail.com said...

Once again, you amaze me with the scope of your knowledge and creativity. I love your Blogg, please never stop, you are a constant inspiration to me. Dottie Holdren

nicolaus said...

What can I say? This one is, if possible, even better than the first batik piece. But I don´t wanna choose, so I give both of them 5+++++!!

Niclas J.