Any time that 'texture' is a strong feature in a painting, I usually want to paint on YUPO. The variety of textural effects that can be accomplished easily on YUPO still amazes me. Plus, the intensity of the watercolor on YUPO is so brilliant.

Can you imagine having been a pioneer and dragging the really heavy cast iron cookware across the country? I'm sure thankful for the ease of life we have now compared to the toil it must have been then. My grandma used to cook with cast iron skillets of many sizes. I think I've only owned three pieces of cast iron..... and prefer not to use it since it can't go in the dishwasher. Ooooh. Spoiled? Yep.

I had fun letting the pushy colors move the paint around on the YUPO to create the textures on this array of cast iron cookery. Click on the painting for a close up of the textures/pushy colors. It was also great to be able to lift off color where I wanted to pull an area back to white, too. Glad I didn't have to scrub these pots and pans after supper, though.

This was painted several years ago during the opening of an art show. Sitting at a show and watching people look at paintings makes me restless, so if I can, I set up to paint, usually with my back to the crowd so that they feel comfortable coming up to look over my shoulder.

Artists who paint in public certainly could write books about the comments they hear. Some are so sincere and generous, while others are hilarious, (but I dare not laugh.)

"REALLY CAST IN IRON" Transparent Watercolor on YUPO 14 x 20" Collected (Giglee' prints available.)

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Dawn said...

I remember camping and the camp cook used them, they make the best food, buried in the coals. and they are easy to clean, you use sand to clean them! LOL! What a great painting again Sandy.