Small strips of paper, including rice papers, torn into various sizes, plus a lot of mat medium used as glue, helped create this thirsty creature. There's nothing better than a stack of failed paintings to use for a collage, either. The trick is to find the perfect match of value and color for each shape of the new painting.

By the time I was done, some areas of this 'painting' were raised off the paper a whole lot because I'd kept adding more and more pieces to get the look I wanted. Collage is freeing for me to do, but incredibly messy. I usually look like Charlie Schultz's 'Pig Pen' by the time I'm done. There are bits of papers EVERYWHERE plus my fingers are thickly coated with dried mat medium.

In a workshop I once took, someone asked the master of collage, Gerald Brommer, how to know when there was too much collage on the paper. His reply - When it's too heavy to pick up! I enjoyed his workshop very much and highly recommend him as an excellent teacher.

I like this whole collage process because the final painting is actually made up of small pieces of many, many, many painting attempts that didn't turn out right. Recycled disasters!

"LONG DRINK OF WATER" Transparent Watercolor on Assorted, Torn Watercolor Surfaces, Glued Down with Acrylic Mat Medium to Arches 300#CP 11 x 19" SOLD


Michelle Himes said...

I took that workshop too, Sandy, last March. I LOVE Jerry Brommer!!! I remember us all in the restroom after class using the sink cleaner powder to try to get all the gluey, fuzzy stuff off our fingers. Ack!!! But I loved the class. Your zebra is awesome.

Sandy Maudlin said...

Thanks Michelle. He is a top notch teacher/artist. I did the zebra before taking his workshop, and I took another Brommer 'one day' workshop last spring on Plein Aire painting. He was great, but I still don't care to paint outdoors unless I'm seated on my swing on our lower deck, with all my conveniences nearby. Have a great day!

Myrna Wacknov said...

You must be one of the most versatile artists I know of! Beautiful painting. My mother used to call a tall very thin person a "long drink of water" . The title brought a smile of remembrance to my face.

Dawn said...

once again, a treasure!

Tracy Wandling said...

Another beautiful and fascinating piece. You really are so creative. And those dogs!! I'm deeply impressed. Wish you could come up here and be my teacher.

Anonymous said...

Good Tuesday morning Sandy!
And thank you for your kind comment!
Perhaps you already know, but I want to introduce one artist from Holland, who`s works I admire. She is Trijnie and URL is :


I will look at your paintings with a great pleasure.
Have a wonderful day!

Sandy said...

I am a zebra collector. I love zebras. In fact I am known as Gramma Zebra, or the shortened version, Gramma ZZ, to my grandkids. I am Auntie ZZ to my grand niece. I have loved zebras going back to 1995, when they brought a special magic to my life.

Since then when I see a zebra I know it is galloping towards me with blessings.

And THIS zebra is a beauty. Glad you referenced it in your more current post.

I should have taken time to travel through your archives. There are some beautiful paintings back here.