There are times when just ''being able to create'' is all I really want to do. That need to produce a 'product,' 'a finished painting' or 'something to show for my time' becomes irrevelant. Enjoying the moment takes over, and art becomes playtime, like when I was five years old.

Those moments happen in almost every painting, but the best is when I spend a couple of days in that mode. No expectations. Only exploration.

This painting was like that. It doesn't 'look' like most of my paintings, but I really love it for the journey it took me on. Click on it to enjoy all the textures better.

Painting freely is like having a big cardboard box to play in, making believe it's anything I want it to be. Open ended possibilities. Like dancing when no one's watching!

"ACCORDING TO PLAN" Fluid Acrylic Watercolors and Tube Acrylics on 140#CP Arches 30 x 22"


Anonymous said...

When I look at this painting, I would like to go inside it with my four granddaughters. It is just like for them to live in fairy tales :)

Tracy Wandling said...

Oh, I know what you mean. It feels so good just to brush the paint onto the crisp white paper. It doesn't even matter what I'm painting, as long as I get to move that brush.
I always enjoy your paintings, and your commentary. (BTW...it's warmed right up to -30...BRRRRRRRRR)

Dawn said...

I love the texture, very nice! cannot wait to get my acrylics.

Nick said...

Hey Sandy, was this the one in your kitchen? I love that one...or this one...(both of them?)

Sandy Maudlin said...

Thanks Leenam. Your grandkids - and the pix of them are delightful and works of art. I enjoy your blog a lot. Tracy, KEEP WARM. You must paint with mittens on???
Dawn, what kind of acrylics - tubes or fluid? You'll love either one. ANd YES, Nick this is the one in the kitchen. Hope you're feeling better now.