This YUPO painting is one of the very first ones I did back when I was just discovering why some colors pounced on others and pushed them out of the way so fast. I called them 'pushy' colors in a class once, referring to them several times that way, 'pushy.' The next week, one of the ladies asked me where to buy that brand of watercolors. She'd been all over town and couldn't find them.

Sooo ----- pushy colors are heavier in particle size, less finely ground, and they quickly sink to the bottom of a puddle, spreading out along the slick surface of the YUPO. When mixing just 'pushy' colors together, they get along, but when put in a puddle of finely ground color, like a phthalo or quinacridone color, WOW!!! Lots of action.

Click on photo, and you can see the 'pushy' color effect on the side of the red ship. I used only pushy colors in the sky because I wanted it to stay put and be as smooth as possible. (This was before the days of using a foam roller to smooth the colors on YUPO.)

All cobalts, most earth pigment like siennas and umbers, and cerulean are 'pushy.' There are lots more, so you'll have to try your own paints in puddles of phthalos or quinacridones to see how they behave on YUPO. Once you know what ones work against each other, then you can make good choices about the effects you want to happen on YUPO.

"DEEP SEA DREAMS" Transparent Watercolor on YUPO 25 x 19"


RHCarpenter said...

Unlike most beginners on Yupo, you seemed to have a natural knack - or maybe you just experimented more - with the watercolors on this tricky surface. I like this - very clean, bright colors you get no where else but on yupo. I like the story of the Pushy watercolors, too :)

Bonnie said...

One of your first paintings on Yupo? And it took you years to really get it? Sandy, this one looks terrific to me. Rhonda is right. . .you seemed to have a natural knack.
Pushy watercolors. . .great story. I also like your tips and advice on colors and how they work together. Beautiful colors!

Bonnie said...

I though it took years for you to get the hang of Yupo. Rhonda is right. . .you just seemed to have a knack for it. Beautiful colors. Great Pushy story.
And thanks for the tips and advice on how to use these colors. I need to practice with them.

Tracy Wandling said...

Pushy...that's a good one!
I had a lot of trouble when I was painting on the watercolor canvas...couldn't make the paint STICK! I think I need to use more pigment, less water, and I don't know what else! Any tips?
I love this...boats and water, my true loves. Just beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Where do you teach?

Sandy Maudlin said...

Thanks Rhonda. Not sure if trying something and not getting it for 2 years would really be a natural knack...

I teach near Cincinnati, in Indiana. Thanks for asking.

RHCarpenter said...

Ah, well, not seeing your struggles just lets me see the outcome and I know you mastered this pretty quickly, compared to most people who try it, give up and never pick up yupo again :)
Have a great weekend. (Hi, Ty!)