Painting commissions is usually about the LAST thing I want to do, unless it's of an animal. For some reason, I really enjoy painting dogs and cats. Painting them is a lot easier than caring for them, though not as rewarding.

That these three guys each had such unique personalities became very evident even though I only spent an hour taking their pictures. They were all labs, but each looked markedly different. Creating two separate and interesting paintings of the same three animals did present a challenge, though.

I seldom take commissions now because of the inspiration factor. Is there a magic way to 'get inspired' to do a commission other than being broke? I doubt that money motivates very many artists to be creative, and I usually find it to be so difficult to work up an interest in the subject matter of a commission.

"THREE'S A CROWD" 16 x 12" - top painting
"READY, SET, GO!" 30 x 22" - lower painting --- Both done with Transparent Watercolor on 140#CP Arches SOLD


Suzanne said...

Phenomenal! The glossy sheen on the black lab coat is fabulous. I painted a commission of four dogs once. It was a riot! I'll have to dig up the slide and post it some day.

Dawn said...

very nice Sandy! I can only hope to do as well. though my dog is abit thinner aye? LOL!

RHCarpenter said...

Yep, the shine on the black lab, the tongue on the red lab and the gorgeous colors in the white lab - well, they are all fab-you-lush :)
I want to know if there is anything you cannot paint!?!