Back in the 90's, I began to use masking tape to help control where the paint went and where it didn't get to go. This was one of the very first ones I attempted, but never really pulled off. Parts of it I liked a lot, so I kept it for quite a while, hoping something would magically change while it was stored in a drawer.

See the original sized picture (shown smaller) where I painted the sky in a traditional watercolor way before I used tape for the rest of the painting? By incorporating two distinctly different styles in two very separate parts of the painting, I was guaranteed of NOT achieving unity in the painting. No No No! Shouldn't have done it.

Once I cropped off the sky (bigger pix,) it did help. My brother, Roger, took the photo in Cancun, I think. It may be one that I try again someday, too.

There's so much to paint, so much to express. My hope is to be able to let others see how I see the world. We all have so much to share!

Never titled or completed - done on 140#CP Arches


Myrna said...

Boy, even your failures look great! The cropping improved the composition 1000 %.

Dawn said...

hey you are back!!!

missed you Sandy!

love all your oldies, the colors are so perfect and the crop on this one is perfect.

Joan Sandford-Cook said...

Loved the cropped version - draws you right into the narrative. Asks questions as to whether the figure is a fisherman or someone simply daydreaming. How can you criticise your oldies so much??. I adore the colour scheme and composition making the line of the broken jetty stop before cutting the page in half and then bringing in just a section of the hulls to balance. It has impact.

Nava said...

"hoping something would magically change while it was stored in a drawer."

I see we share the same hope :-)

I agree - cropping the skies seems to be the solution. never underestimate design by cropping...