Some paintings should stay under the bed, and this is one of them. I was learning to pour paint on stretched watercolor paper in the late '90's, and this cathedral is the best of the two that I tried. (You don't get to see the other one.)

This is OLDIES time, and I've got a few more...lots more, actually. I'll only post a couple more then get back to some newer stuff.

To check out how a pour should really be done, go to the March 28th post for this year. That painting was done the same year this one was. What a difference some experimentation and practice can make. I suppose I should try this again now. 'Thanks' to my sister, Marilyn, for her photo.

"ALL SAINTS DAY" Transparent Watercolor on 140#HP Arches 10 x 21"


Joan Sandford-Cook said...

Glad you shared this oldie with us. I love church buildings and interiors and cant see why you criticise this so much - I would be proud of it!!!!

Ann Buckner said...

Wish I had this beauty under my bed. I would take it out and hang it. It is expressive, with beautiful light. I like the muted qualities and subtle colors in the shadowy areas which make the light special.

Sandy said...

Well I think its' beautiful. It shouldn't be under the bed.