These are the weeks of oldies being pulled out of the archives. This goatman is of the same guy I posted earlier last week and is also painted on YUPO.

Comparing YUPO paintings I've done this year with ones like this usually helps me see the progression I've made as an artist, as well as where I need to focus for more improvement. What's great is that no matter how much better you get, there's always more to explore, to learn, to attempt. I love that about being an artist.

Being an artist is a journey --- just like this guy's on --- heading up the lane to round the corner to see what's beyond. We must keep traveling forward looking for the next discovery. It sure is a great journey. I'm loving it. And it's so cool to have so many blogs to explore. Seeing what others are creating is motivating and enriching.

"JOURNEY HOME" Transparent Watercolor on YUPO 12 x 26"


RHCarpenter said...

You've been on a great journey, Sandy, and thanks for taking me along with you for some of it! See you soon!!!

Sandy said...

SAndy, I love seeing your oldies. This one is wonderful!!!

I also feel so grateful to have a whole web of blogs where people are creating and sharing what talents they have.

As always, every one of your paintings are magnificent.