Painting flowers on YUPO can be a challenge because flowers are soft and have lots of lost edges. It's tricky to paint lost or soft edges where you want them on YUPO.

Artists who like to plan each and every stroke and know exactly what will happen next probably will never like YUPO. But if you're an artist who likes spontaneity, excitement, challenges, and surprises, you need to grab a sheet of YUPO and find out what all you can create on it.

I recently signed up to be part of a Yahoo Group called Watercolor Workshop and am starting one of the challenges they have each month. Of course, I'll do the painting on YUPO and post it here soon, too.

Although this post doesn't show it, YUPO is very very white. Sorry for the inaccuracy here.

"FANCY LADIES" Transparent Watercolor on YUPO 12 x 16"


Michelle Himes said...

That's great, Sandy. I've been a member of WatercolorWorkshop almost since the beginning - about 8 years ago I think. I don't get around to posting there as much as I used to, but the members are terrific and they are going to LOVE your work. :-)

laura said...

This is beautiful. I love the format too. Your irises are beautifully drawn; I have tried and tried, but, for some reason, I just cannot get them "right"!

Watercolors by Susan Roper said...

I like using Yupo for more complex flowers that have lots of ruffly, hard edges, I have found that these work better for Yupo. Your iris shows how well those crisp edges show up. Last summer I did a hollyhock on Yupo that looks like it is popping right off the surface of the Yupo, couldn't have done that on w/c paper I don't think. My next victim will be a Yupo peony, that should be complex enough!

Watercolors by Susan Roper said...

Sandy....okay, now you have me inspired to paint irises on Yupo. I like the simple, clean look of yours so I have studied your painting and painted it many times in my mind. Today, I will actually put brush to Yupo. I have it drawn (with watercolor pencils) on the Yupo and will do the deed today. I bought three different squeegees and will practice with these while I am at it. I might not use them on this painting, but try to get the feel of using them. I am combining three different reference photos by two different photographer friends so that is always risky for me but we will see. But, I want it to be in the clean style of yours so will use the narrow, vertical format. I have a frame that is 18 x 36 so I should be able to do something similar to yours. What fun to have such a supermarket of inspiration and techniques in these blogs! I'm lovin' it!

Nick said...

It's catching...I wanna paint one too. Beautiful Sandy!