Masa paper is a thin rice paper made out of sulphite, (whatever that is???) not rice. This painting was started the same way the hollyhocks began - see post below.

The whites or light areas in this picture were left as they are and the darker shapes painted around them. Both positive and negative painting was used to create the flowers and leaves.

Masa paper is thin, and when it's wet, it tends to 'ball up' quickly when it's brushed over with several strokes....looks like a cheap sweater if you over stroke the paper. It's best to let an area dry completely before adding more color.

Once the painting was completed, I glued it on a sheet of clean, acid free watercolor paper, using methyl-cellulose wall paper paste, taking care to smooth out the wrinkles without affecting the painted surface. If you haven't treid to paint on this, give it a shot. It's fun and easy - just avoid painting too dark at first.

"RUFFLES" Transparent Watercolors on Masa Paper adhered to 140#CP Arches 11 x 15


Michelle Himes said...

Sandy, both the hollyhocks and the iris on masa are wonderful. You seem to be a master at every watercolor support and technique, and it's so much fun to open your blog and see what you put up each day. Thanks for the inspiration.

I love working on masa - it tames my tendency to use mostly hard edges, and I love the crinkles.

Sandy Maudlin said...

Thanks so much for your comments, Michelle. It's such a pleasure to share with other artists. The encouragement and inspiration seems to flow both ways. Enjoy painting.