I do love to watch the birds and am often inspired to try to capture their beauty in a painting. The painting to the left with the bigger background was painted ten years ago, while the close up was just completed as a demo in a class.

The close up painting may never be finished. Like other artists, I start a painting, full steam ahead, then other things capture my attention, making it hard later to revive my interest in the first one.

Looking back in the archives can be frightening - to think I had some of that stuff framed! YIKES! I see a marked difference in the sureness of stroke in the newer painting compared to the older one, but the flowers and twigs were executed better in the old painting, in my opinion, probably because then I cared more how realistic they looked. The same exact photo reference was used for both, with the image reversed for the second one.

Top Painting "CAROLINA WREN" Transparent Watercolor on 140# CP Arches 15 x 11" COLLECTED


Dawn said...

what darling puff balls these two are!
I really like the second one, mostly because it is more dramatic, finished or not.
I thought I left a comment on your Italy yupo pic below. I think it is very cool and love your colors and textures again. yupo rocks!

Michelle Himes said...

Sandy, the first painting is beautiful - I love the soft colors, and it says "Springtime" to me. The second one is all about the little bird, and he's adorable! It may be unfinished, but it touches me.

Sandy said...

These are so cute! I LOVE bird art. Great job on both..


David Burge said...

I came to your blog via Nicholas'

You've created a very engaging place with a peaceful nature.

I really love this painting of the wren on the receding branch.

Nice work throughout.