Another 'black and white' theme from the archives here... of a friend clogging at a Fourth of July festival about 10 years ago, right about the time the sun was setting. I liked that his partner's foot showed and just the edge of her head, but she's hidden for the most part.

There was such spirited energy in this group of cloggers, and everyone's toes were tapping while we watched. Dave's wife, Connie, is the teacher of this particular group, and Dave's a super watercolorist and artist, too, besides being an accomplished dancer.

Once again, I loved connecting as many dark values as I could, subtly changing colors as I painted them in. I used multi colored shadows to help add a feeling of festivity to the painting.

The fireworks that went off over the Ohio River soon after their dancing ended were spectacular, but I've never been able to paint fireworks effectively. I'm not sure anything, even photos, can ever do justice to the glory of a good fireworks show.

"DAVE DANCING" Transparent Watercolor on 140#CP Arches 12 x 20" COLLECTED

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Dawn said...

the shadows are just so neat! I love looking for the different colors in the dark spaces.