This is the last archived painting from my black and white series done almost ten years ago. So many artists say they paint in a series, but I certainly never intended to be 'painting in a series' when this black and white phase hit.

Carla O'Conner stated in a workshop I took that a series should just happen and not be planned. I totally agree with her. That's what happened here, as well as when I got interested in painting openings - like windows and doors. The black and white was as much of a series as was the melding of the shapes together into one value area in these past few posts.

I do not seem to know that I'm painting in a series of related paintings until I'm well into the third or fourth one. Then I can see the relationships between them, and realize that I'm painting what's important to me at the time. That's what a series should be all about.

"CHORES" Transparent Watercolor on 140#CP Arches or Fabriano (can't remember) 12 x 20"


Sandy said...

This series has been great to see!


Dawn said...

very nice Sandy, thanks for sharing the series!

Holly Van Hart said...

very fresh and loose. beautiful!

Jamie said...

I REALLY love the black and white paintings...they are always so intriguing to me! I wouldn't mind being permanently stuck in a "black and white series" phase myself :)

P.S. the photo of the sewing machine painting (down by your class schedule) is amazing--I'll have to look that one up on here to get a larger view of it... As always, thank you for the ever-inspiring images!