'Day Two' of our workshop was a really good one. More mind stretching info from George James about creating meaningful art helped us as we explored ways to express what is meaningful to us.

This painting, on YUPO, drawn with a Derwert watercolor pencil and painted with transparent watercolor, is about 26 x 20". I've posted my reference photo below as well as a photo of another painting done last summer from the same reference, for comparison.
My goal for last summer's painting was to create an impressionistic look on YUPO. For this new painting, I was more focused on creating a contemporary look.
The paper was gridded out first, then I constructed the drawing, making a specific section within the grid most important. The grid lines on the YUPO were there to encourage me to play more with the design elements rather than be realistic. The grid also aided me by helping keep a flat look to the painting. (Normally a paper is gridded out to aid in transferring a drawing from one paper to another. This type of grid had an entirely different purpose.)
Proper perspective or realism weren't my concern at all. The main thing I wanted to do was create a dynamic painting of a special place, and I wanted the painting to appear flat rather than 3-D when it was done.
Creating shapes within a good design was a lot of fun to work out ahead of time. I incorporated John Salminen's process of using just ONE good white shape to start the painting.
A very kind woman named Grace purchased the painting on the last day of the workshop, and it was hard to part with it so soon after painting it. (But I don't have to get it framed:-)
'Europe's Best' (Below on YUPO) with reference photo used for today's painting as well as this one - - -


carol ann said...

Sandy, watching U create for the week was an absolute pleasure. It will always be one of my favorite memories. In reviewing your paintings they are what I would have to call contemporary cosmopolitan impressionism. It was a pleasure meeting U and Mayte.
Loved your paintings and love U too!

Anonymous said...

Dear Sandy,
Your pieces from the George workshop are OUTSTANDING!! I can see why the steet scene sold so quickly-lovely! Your comments about being partial to YUPO ring true for me....just can't get myself to paint on other surfaces.
I have been on pins and needles waiting to hear and see your comments about the workshop....thank you so very much for sharing. Sure wish we could paint together someday.
Missy from the bayou

Suzanne said...

Thanks so much for sharing this new work. It's so helpful to me to read about and look at what you've done in this workshop as I'm playing with composition and form, myself. The composition and color in both of these new pieces are extremely strong and attractive. The palettes in both are so beautifully unified - I wonder how much George instructed/directed on the palettes and how much you called on your own expertise.

Dawn said...

amazing to see the older painting and the newer version, both are stunning.

Tracy Wandling said...

Wonderful stuff! Sounds, and looks, like you were really inspired at this work shop. Thanks for sharing so freely what you learned. It is helpful to those of us who can't attend these fantastic workshops. Thanks!

Marilyn said...

All the work from the George James workshop is outstanding. I am especially drawn to "To Market" because of its strong design.

this work is really exciting!


Nick said...

Sandy I think this is one of your very best, it's amazing!! Not sure you should have sold it.....someone should be very thankful to have gotten this!