This abstract was concocted right before class ended on the first day of our George James workshop last week. I was trying out some of the techniques and processs on YUPO that I wasn't very familiar with, like pulling the paint with a squeegee, and kept on going until I liked what happened.

Colors never soak into the YUPO surface since it's made of a very high grade of polypropolene, aka as plastic. Because they don't soak into any paper fibers, the colors stay intense and bright just like they are when they are wet and glowing.

Whatever surface or materials I'm working with, my hope is that I can create a piece of artwork that is meanigful to me, first of all, and also evokes an emotional response in others. Both are rewarding.

A new (to me) artist commented today on one of my posts. She signs in as PAINT ON HER FINGERS, and on her new blog she's posted the best quote - "She's happiest when she has time on her hands and paint on her fingers." Don't you love it?!? I live there for sure.

"TIME ON HER HANDS" Transparent Watercolor on YUPO 17 x 13"


Dawn said...

very nice Sandy! I really like it.

Joan Sandford-Cook said...

Its not just paint on my fingers - I get it everywhere - especially when working in oils it seems. Loved the colours and abstract style of this one.