This is my work from the third and fourth day of the workshop and was compiled from a couple of photos I took several years ago. The class had only 8 people in it and was billed as a 'master' class.

The goal for this class was to be able to transform our paintings into strong, artistic, visual expressions, no matter what our material or subject or style was. Any watermedia could be used, and any surfaces could be painted on.
My own goal for this year is to be able to express myself better, be able to place concepts and ideas on paper with paint, and that's why I took the class. Those four days helped me a bunch in moving in that direction.
The first morning, George James spent about an hour and a half showing us various ways he puts paint on the YUPO - his various 'techniques.' After practicing what he showed us, we were on our own to design and paint. The other three days, he discussed specifc ideas and philosophies related to creating artistic expressions - challenging us to move forward into making the art that only we can make. He discussed just a little on painting preparation, layout, and composition. During the week, he also did some small, individual demos for those needing direction.

I found it refreshing that George gave almost no input to design or composition. In fact, this workshop had the least info on design/composition that I've had in a long time. We were really focused on finding our own voice, expressing our own personal point of view. To say the least, it was utterly fascinating to me. I LOVED IT!

The best thing about the whole class was when I realized how much freedom I really do have in painting. (I thought I already knew that but got a whole new, refreshing perspective this time.) Tomorrow I'll post photos of this painting as I painted it from beginning to end so that you can see the process I went through with the design and exploration.

"ON THE FAST TRACK" Transparent Watercolor on YUPO 20 x 28"


Sandy said...

That is a great painting. I am really loving your work!


Anonymous said...

Dear Sandy,
I wrote a comment on the painting you sold 'hot off the palette' at the workshop but I guess it didn't post. Sure hope this one makes it.
I have been so looking forward to your comments from the workshop.
I was not disappointed.Thank you so much for taking the time to share your work and your painting adventures!! I have found no other surface that captivates me over and over than YUPO. By the way I loved the street scene piece-lovely...can't wait for next update. THANKS AGAIN, Cosmic Kimono Missy from the bayou

nicolaus said...

Oh, this piece of work is absolutely wonderful! I hope that you will get great success with your paintings, you´re worth it!
And, it´s very inspiring to visit your page.

Sincerely: Niclas J.

debwardart said...

In case you hadn't noticed, these last 3 paintings have brigher and lighter colors. You are FINALLY "keeping it LIGHT!"

Dawn said...

looks great Sandy! cant wait to see the process.

Suzanne said...

I'll bet your husband loves this one!

Sandy Maudlin said...

Thank you, everyone, for your kind comments. I think everything's posted now, even ones from the bayou! And my husband surprisingly did really like this painting.