The bright red of these geraniums seemed to be dancing in this old window, especially with the sun light backlighting them. The pots and geraniums were painted nearly life size on a 40" long sheet of heavy weight YUPO. I really like working on the heavy weight YUPO because I can move it and tilt it easily. The light weight is so flimsy that I don't work on it at all, and the medium weight only comes in a 20x26" size.

You can really see where the 'pushy' colors moved paint out of their way, leaving some unusual patterns in the dark shapes and especially on the pots. No matter how many times I paint on YUPO, I am always fascinated with the way the paint behaves. Or doesn't behave.

Soon after I painted this, it sold in a juried show in Hamilton, Ohio. It's great to make a sale, to be appreciated, to have others like what you express with paint. But most satisfying is being able to paint. I love it!

"YEARNING" Transparent Watercolor on YUPO 23 x 39" SOLD


About said...

You never cease to amaze me. The glow in this is just...well, GLOWING!! The colors are so lush and juicy...stunning.
Love the guy in the last post too...fantastic.

Dawn said...

Hi Sandy.

do you use pencil to draw your painting out on the yupo or watercolor pencil? I am thinking you could use any watersoluable medium and have it neatly disappear....

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous geraniums! Thanks for the return post.It is just so satisfying to meet another YUPO lover. I too prefer the heavy weight paper. My first order of yupo was the 40" heavy-100 sheets for 42.00--those days are gone.
Like you I am fascinated by the interacts of the paints to each other.I couldn't find your email address but mine is ljordan@shreve.net and would love to send a couple of pics of work.
I'm some behind you on the 'art journey' but know that that I can't stop even if progress is slow to me. Again it is delightful to touch base with you.
Warm regards,Missy from the bayou

Nora said...

I love your art work Sandy and hope to keep coming back and enjoying your site. I marked you as a fav. Your work is lovely. Thanks for commenting on my blog....I had so many comments that day, I was overwhelmed, I could just put a tiny thank you note in there to each of you. There is a tiny thank you in there for you hope you saw it. Please come back again when I am not so overwhelmed. cheers and have a great day.