We have a wildlife area near us that's full of many native creatures. One of the men who enjoys that area, called Oxbow, also has a Red Tail Hawk that he rescued long ago and cares for now. His educational talk one Saturday was exceptional, and I was really thankful to be able to take pictures of this beautiful bird on his arm.

I find that painting wildlife brings me a lot of satisfaction. I am lucky to have had parents who took us outside through many state and national parks for vacations or long weekends. Hiking and discovering all kinds of wildlife was a 'normal' adventure during my childhood.

The beauty of wild animals just astounds me. They are so complex and wonderfully made. Glorious creatures!

And so much fun to try to paint, especially with watercolor.

"SHAKE A TAIL FEATHER!" Transparent Watercolor on 140# CP Fabriano Artistico Collected


Island Rambles Blog said...

Oh I just love this one....you have captured him perfectly. We have a lot of red tails here but never can get close to one, very shy. They are so pretty. I love your natural looking paintings...they are relaxing and more true to nature and not those dramatic commercial kind. I like the softness, this is a kind of picture you could have in your home and just live with it. I really like watercolors and I used to do them but have forgotten how. So glad I found your lovely site. Keep up the good work. I probably will come here a lot, but sometimes I don't chat this much.

Suzanne said...

Wow. Another masterful bird painting. You're amazing and, of course, so is the painting and the bird.

Tracy Wandling said...

He is just beautiful. You've captured the softness of the feathers, and such a wonderful 'hawky' look in his eye. Lovely.

Dawn said...

Me too! I love wild animals, there is something special about being out in the middle of nowhere and seeing wildlife. Great painting Sandy!