This was actually painted 'on location,' while I was sitting on a ridge above a lake on a summer day. Our neighbors' cottage had old concrete front steps with a neglected geranium growing beside them. I'd only been painting in watercolor a couple of years and wanted to give plein aire a try.

Painting outside: bugs, heat, wind, sun, uncomfortable seating..... is there any reason to do it? I do have to admit that being in the presence of what I'm painting makes a positive difference in my response with the brush. This painting won the first big award I'd ever gotten, from the Logansport (IN) Art Association's Spring Show, Best of Show! I hadn't even gone to the opening banquet, so they called me with the news. I was astounded.

My husband asked me why I hadn't painted a more flourishing geranium, but I liked the sparseness and resilience this plant had on that hot August day in the sun beside the heated concrete. However, I still avoid plein aire painting if at all possible.

"GRANNY'S GERANIUMS" Transparent Watercolor on 140 CP Arches 22x 15" SOLD


RHCarpenter said...

I can see why this was a winner!

RHCarpenter said...

I just saw all the new bloggers - how does it feel to have influenced all of these folks who go on to produce good artwork and are living such creative lives? You rock, Sandy Maudlin!!!

Tracy Wandling said...

Yes, painting outdoors is highly overrated as far as I'm concerned. On the other hand, I love painting from life too. Somebody needs to invent a painters bubble...temperature controlled, good lighting, comfy, snacks...
Oh! And this is a very lovely painting...my kind of subject, and my favorite colors!

Dawn said...

You could have done this exact painting at my grandmothers. It is perfect!

Sandy Maudlin said...

Hi Rhonda,
Thanks for the comments. It is incredible to watch so many people grow artistically, creating such beautiful work along the way. It's really amazing - and I get paid to do it! Twenty years ago I'd never ever have dreamed this job/life would be mine.
Tracy, I'd be the first to buy that painter's bubble, especially if snacks are involved. IThe idea must be pursued!