This is an older painting that I really liked a lot and didn't ever want to sell. Soon after I'd painted it, a local art group I'd joined had a show, so I put this in the show with a high enough price on it to 'keep' it. Wrong.

It's a weird feeling to appreciate the nice check you get for a painting yet wish you could get the painting back instead. The great people who purchased it love the painting very much, and they've said I can come visit it if I want.

Eagles are incredibly majestic. The first ones we saw in Alaska took our breath away, but in a matter of a couple of days, we'd say, "Oh, that's just another eagle." Same for the puffins we saw. We never saw enough otters or whales to feel that way about them.

While Marianne and I kayaked across an Alaskan bay with our guide, Howie, we watched as a silver gray seal followed our kayak for a long, long time, keeping about twenty feet between him and us. An otter swimming near us maintained a much wider berth and turned to always keep his feet pointed at us. Being outdoors, seeing wildlife, being an artist .... it all goes together for me.

"EAGLE EYE" Transparent Watercolor on 140# CP Arches, 14 x 11" SOLD


Michelle Himes said...

I know that feeling really well, Sandy. I don't sell paintings very often, but when I do I almost feel like I'm selling one of my children. I know that if I had painted that wonderful eagle, I would have trouble letting go.

Suzanne said...

Well, I'm glad you got a good price for it. And you do have a very good document. It's a great piece - not only the feathers (white fur and feathers are SO difficult) but the tree bark as well.