This painting was not done outdoors, but rather from the photo I'd taken on the day I really did paint plein aire, (see previous post.) First I coated the watercolor paper with gesso, allowed it to dry, then sketched the picture on the gesso.

I did this painting long before I ever knew about YUPO and just loved what crazy things the paint would do on the gessoed surface. I think the gessoed surface must be a first cousin to YUPO's surface. They are both invigorating to paint on, not allowing the paint to soak into the paper.

Last week one of my classes painted on another challenging and playful surface - TYVEK paper - see Myrna Wacknow's blog for great paintings on that paper. One of her paintings has just been accepted into American Watercolor Society's annual show. Her entry is very eyecatching, and I sure hope it wins an good award. Way to go, Myrna!

"GRANNY'S AGAIN" Transparent Watercolor on Gessoed Arches 140# CP 22 x 15"

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