Here I go again. Same picture but I think a much better composition than the demo I did last Friday night - see January 12th post.
The large dark cruciform design shown here goes off the page on all four sides and is connected. I like this painting the best of all five that I've done. I'll send it to Myrna Wacknov as Week 3 for her challenge.
I'd drawn 'TEXTURE' (YEAH!!!) as the dominant element of design to use plus the 'cruciform' design (easiest one for me to do,) so painting this after designing it was very freeing.
It was done quickly with no fussing or fiddling, mostly relying on instinct and intuition. And it's on YUPO, too. That made it seem even more spontaneous and fun to do.
Colors I used = Burnt Tiger's Eye, in every color to unify the painting, as well as Ultramarine Turquoise, Cobalt Teal Blue, Quinacridone Violet, Quin Magenta, Transparent Pyrrol Orange, Raw Sienna, Perylene Green, and Indanthrone Blue, all from 'Daniel Smith/Seattle, WA' Watercolors.

"CALL IT A DAY" Transparent Watercolor on YUPO 11 x 15"


Dawn said...

Hi Sandy,

this is the best yet! Would you consider long distance lessons?

Myrna Wacknov said...

WOW...I love this one! Looks like something to enter into a competition. I admire your ability to work on Yupo. Looseness and control at the same time!

Tracy Wandling said...

Oh man!!! Yeah, sign me up for those long distance lessons too!
Beautiful...love the dark darks you achieve...stunning.

Mike said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog today, Sandy!

This painting here is killer !

The combined shape of the figures along with the color variety in the shape is stunning!

RHCarpenter said...

Delicious! And even better in person. (Had my first Life Drawing class today :)

Mary said...

Hi Sandy, I've been participating in Myrna's challenges lately to push myself to learn through experimentation. I just love this painting -- gorgeous!

Mary Paquet