Painted several years ago, this YUPO painting shows the patriotic leanings of a business owner in our town. Soon after 9/11, he had one of his semi cabs painted to resemble a waving flag, and it gets a lot of attention. After capturing the truck on film (in the days before I had a digital camera,) I knew I wanted to paint it.

Because watercolor on the plastic YUPO surface stays exceptionally bright, I was able to capture the intensity of the colors on my cropped version of the cab of the truck. I liked the abstract shapes within the realistic reflections. The painting now belongs to the truck owner:-)

"ALL STAR SALUTE" Transparent Watercolor on YUPO 26 x 20" SOLD --- Giglee' prints available


Tracy Wandling said...

Well. Sometimes there are just no words. You really impress the hell outta me! This just fantastic!!!!

womann in glass said...

Beautiful Sandy, you are a great artist. I linked you