I recklessly painted the right hand side of this piece, then set it aside for several months. After deciding it was worth pursuing, I tried to capture that same reckless abandon as I worked on the other two thirds of the painting. Of course, as soon as you try, on purpose, to paint recklessly, you become immensely aware of each movement, therefore not painting recklessly.

Can you see the difference in the left and right hand sides? The left side still looks more calculated, timid, careful. The right hand side has a vitality to it that happened because I was just playing, not caring as much about the result as the joy of doing the painting. I was focused on the shapes, colors, textures, darks and light, edges...

I really really worked at getting the two sides to work ok together in the same painting. This fall, I'll be painting in Venice and the northern lakes area of Italy with several of my friends from Wednesday's morning class, so I may give this another try then.

"CITY OF LIGHT" Transparent Watercolor on YUPO 36 x 22"


womann in glass said...

I've bin there once in Summer very crowded. For visiting Spring is the best.
This ia very beautiful painting

mike said...

Iam a novice collector who bought one of your pieces at the Sharon Woods show. It was similar to this piece. Can you let me know if this piece is for sale and what the cost would be. Thanks

Sandy Maudlin said...

Hi Mike,
Thanks so much for visiting the Sharon Woods Show last month and for purchasing a painting. Which one did you buy? This Venice painting is for sale at Art on Symmes Gallery, at 1000 Symmes Rd just off Hwy 4 (about 2 miles from Jungle Jim's.) I think (but am not completely positive) that it's $375 framed. Thanks for taking the time to visit my blog.