The four grandkids are back with their parents, and we are digging out our house. All had a very good time and even went to a special luncheon at Don and Ritzie's house yesterday. Ritzie's an artist, too, and loves children, plus, she's an awesome chef, gardener, and also plays the piano. So much talent in one person always amazes me.

Nick Simmons, the recipient of this year's National Watercolor Society Award TOP AWARD, is another one of those multi-gifted people. He plays a great guitar, paints on the edge with expertise, puts on an awesome workshop - if you're lucky enough to get in one - and he can paint pictures in your head with his words! Be sure to check out his blogspot - see side bar. . . ALWAYS entertaining, especially the one I just read today.

The painting of Ty posted here is a couple of years old. He's now a four year old, (along with his two sisters,) and as we were leaving Ritzie's house yesterday, Ty asked Grandpa if he was going to get spanked for being bad. He must have done something we don't know about yet. Ritzie, can you fill us in???

They did get to paint this morning - before breakfast, even - in their pajamas with their painting aprons on. Brant, our seven year old, drew and painted a very beautiful pointsettia after studying one carefully. Paige painted a red barn and a black cow with grass to eat, and Jillian produced a well designed landscape with sky, mountains and a big orange tulip, all for our upcoming art show this summer. Ty worked with play doh like a master. Last night we created some wonderful beads that had to be baked. Such a busy time to be a child!

"BLUE BOY" Transparent Watercolor on 140# Arches CP 18 x 18" SOLD


Michelle Himes said...

He's beautiful, Sandy. I love those chubby little fingers that you painted so perfectly.

Sandy Maudlin said...

Thanks, Michelle. Painting those hands was the most fun of the painting. He's such a tender hearted guy, very kind and thoughtful. I need to paint all the triplets again - haven't painted them since they were two. We did geta gorgeous portrait of them and their big brother for Christmas. Have a wonderful 2008 and keep that paint brush wet.

Nick said...

I saw him way before I saw all of the words - as it should be! thanks for the plug, but I just have to point out how difficult it is to paint something like a hand in an unusual position and make it convincing. Bravo! And the other hand is equally superb. And let's not forge the adorable face, expertly rendered. Fanatastic portrait Sandy!