It's hard to know how much to say in a painting, and it's so easy for me to overdo it. But this painting seems unfinished, possibly needing a little more detail or color, but where?

This was my class demo a couple of weeks ago, incorporating the lifting method taught by Cheng Khee Chee. I've been looking at it, tempted to fool with it, but afraid that I'll paint one stroke too many. The leaves look a little wimpy, and I also don't like the small iris in the lower part of the background on the far left. Maybe it needs to be faintly repeated. Maybe I should crop the painting. Any suggestions or ideas would be appreciated.

Painted on Fabriano Artistico 140# 22 x 15" and not yet titled.


Nava said...

In such cases, I tend to leave the painting where I can see it every day, and then, suddenly, it's very clear what needs to be done.

It's gorgeous, by the way!! If you do want suggestions, then my 2 cents would be to add subtle touches of color to the irises, to create a variety from the all-white. Accents of orange/yellow/green in the leaves can also add excitement. but then again, it's your painting - and only you know what you want to say with it.

RHCarpenter said...

Well, you know how I love cool colors but I think a bit of hot in small areas here and there would really lift this one up (get the pun?ha-ha). And repeating the little one in another place in the bg would work, too. But, just keep looking and I know it will come to you.

Peggy said...

Hi, Sandy, I love your work! For this lovely piece, the only thing my eye wants is a sharper, crisper main flower. Personally, I would leave the little dark one in the lower left-hand corner. For me it adds some textural interest.

BTW, I got your blog site from my mother, Marilyn. Your site inspired me to start my own!