What a treat to welcome in another new year. Last night was spent painting a still life (with lots of people watching) until midnight, finishing it after the new year arrived, then soaking in my brother's hot tub with a wonderful view of fireworks and stars over the city of Austin, Texas. It was a great evening. Today will be art lessons, probably capped off by another hour or so in the hot tub tonight.

This painting was done several years ago using normal watercolor techniques (if there are any 'normal' ones.) He was dressed for a parade when Dave took his picture and must be quite a character. I hoped to make the viewer hear music when looking at the painting.

Have a happy new year and be sure to include in your resolutions to try, each month, at least ONE NEW THING that you've never tried before. Enjoy.

"MUSIC MAN" Transparent Watercolor on 140# CP Arches, 15 x 22"


Tracy Wandling said...

He is absolutely wonderful. I can hear the music...lots of oompapa!
This is the kind of painting I love...lots to see...but leaving lots for the viewers eye and imagination to fill in. I'm inspired...again!

RHCarpenter said...

Great painting, Sandy! Full of life and energy.

Nick said...

"at least ONE NEW THING that you've never tried before."

Trying to start trouble, are we? I guess painting from the hot tub would be something I haven't done before. Tons of color here without it beng too colorful, if you know what I mean...and a shade of Ted Nuttall in the handling and palette...sort of...but Mostly Maudlin!

Sandy Maudlin said...

Thanks Tracy, for sharing - I love it when people get excited about art! And Nick, hot tubs can inspire some very good art, seriously. I'll post one eventually that involved a lot of hot tub time. I think you'll be surprised, too. I like Ted Nuttall's work a bunch, though I did not know of him when I painted this. Thanks for the encouragement.