Today we give special thanks for our many blessings as families across America enjoy this special day commemorating the fledgling days in our nation's history. Many will be feasting on turkey, dressing, and the works as well as watching a lot of football on TV.

These turkeys are part of the flock of ten that will grace our dinner table as our whole family gathers together again. Jillian, Paige, and Ty created them so well. Aren't they delightfully fun - just a 'little' glue, some feathers, felt, googly eyes, and 2" clay pots with wooden balls glued on top. The idea came from our REMC electric consumer magazine - many thanks.

HAPPY THANKSGIVING to each of you!


Teresa said...

Cute and funny! Happy Thanksgiving Sandy, have a great day

Vicki Greene said...

The place settings, turkey paintings and paper sculpture are such treasures. Bright, cheerful and beautiful. Happy Thanksgiving!

RHCarpenter said...

WOW, those are some colorful birds! Too cute. Enjoy the day with your family :)

Joan Sandford-Cook said...

Delightfully amusing feathery turkeys at your dinner table.
Glad yo u all had a good day together.

Ann Buckner said...

Hope you had a terrific Thanksgiving, Sandy. If these little turkeys are any indication, you did. They are delightful!