This little lady, now almost six and a half, will be dressed up tomorrow evening as Tinker Bell's helper and her sister will be Tinker Bell. The little fellow below, who is also six, will be none other than Peter Pan! Their older brother will be wielding Captain Hook's sword as they trick or treat throughout the neighborhood.

In two weeks, I'll be teaching a portrait class here in my studio focused on capturing the innocence of children with watercolor. Each artist will work from their own resources to capture the likeness of their favorite little ones. Join us if you can. See the side bar for more details.

I have a feeling that I'll have just as much fun (probably even more fun) trick or treating with these kids as I will teaching the portrait workshop.

"PAIGE" and "TY GUY" Both painted on 140#CP Fabriano COLLECTED


RHCarpenter said...

Having seen these dollbabies in person, I know you have captured not only their looks but a bit of their personalities, too! What fun to have grandkids as models :)

Linda Schuler said...

Aw she is soooo cute. You have a true gift when you do portraits.

Kathy Wirth said...

You are so good at every genre in painting, but I think your portraits are the best! These are adorable (as are the kids themselves of course!).

Amanda said...

I stop by your blog every so often to see what you've been up to and to get inspired to whip out my watercolors whenever I have a free moment! These portraits are absolutely gorgeous! Little Ty looks spot on.. keep up the amazing work!
Amanda Re

masmoulin said...

Very beautiful portraits !

Bonnie Rupe said...

Sandy, I haven't been on any blog for a very long time, so I checked yours out today. I'm slowed down with gum surgery today.
I love these portraits and can't wait until next weekend when I can paint with you. . . trying to create my own grandchildren portraits. I feel so lucky to have this opportunity.