This was posted earlier, but here it is again with some small orange hot spots popped into the painting. Clicking on the image will enlarge it enough to better see the orange hot spots as well as the textures.

No more changes can be made since Diane took it home with her on Friday. It can be very hard to know when a painting's finished. For me, it seems the only way that I'm ever positively sure that my painting's really finished is when someone else owns it.

Several paintings - some which had even won awards - have been taken out of their mats and frames in my studio so that I could work on them again. A few re-do's from the past were ruined in the tweaking process, too, so at least I've learned to go forward more cautiously.

"RIVER WALTZ" Transparent Watercolor on Heavy Weight YUPO 19 x 28" COLLECTED


Ces said...

Hello Lovely Sandy. Your new avatar is wonderful. You are so pretty! Of course I love your art too.

Vicki Greene said...

I was wondering if you ever messed any paintings up trying to help them (I seems to be my story). You have done some amazing things with adding orange color which is a color I never seem to use but will certainly pull it out now.

Cathy Gatland said...

This is a beautiful painting Sandy. I have difficulty with watercolours taking them beyond the sketch stage to make a really finished looking painting. I have a drawer full of half-done w/c's! I think possibly texture is the key - love the bubble prints in your last post

Gail said...

Sandy, I have been watching this painting of yours evolve on your blog and I absolutely love it!
Amazing job...stops me in my tracks. Thank-you so much for the privilege of watching this one (and all your other work) reach perfection.

Joan Sandford-Cook said...

Did the idea of the orange hot spots follow on from those last minute burnt orange touches in your bubbles work?? I already loved this YUPO strolling couple, and yes, as ever, your last minute ideas have enhanced an already wonderful piece of artwork.

Dawn said...

looks great and lucky Diane!

Judy said...

Again, Sandy, I'm going to run out of superlatives. I so love this. Reminds me of Portland on a rainy day. Love the orange, it brightens up a dreary day.

Sandy Maudlin said...

Hi Ces, so good to hear from you. Love visiting your blog and drinking in your drawings.

Vicki, you're making me laugh. I have over tweaked so many paintings, ruining the spontaniety in them to try to get it perfect...that I had to paste the word STOP on my water container so I'd stop over doing it. Then I read Michael J. Fox's quote, and it put it all in place ---"Excellence I can reach for; perfection is God's business." Now once the painting has the expression and composition I want, I only tweak a small amount. The dump's already full enough of my messed up paintings.

Thanks for stopping by, Cathy. That FISHERMAN'S VILLAGE you painted had nice suggestions of texture, but I think the impact of that painting comes from the strong design and value changes. Your work is beautiful that you've posted.
Gail, Thanks for the kind comments and appreciate your stopping to comment, too. My grandkids love the things we do that you teach on your blog.
Joan, the woman's red hair made me want to heat up some other areas...but my photo showed a blonde with a pony tail. Glad she's now a redhead - it's the brushes fault.
Hi Dawn, Hope you're experimenting on YUPO in your spare time...and Judy, Portland is wonderful. Love it there. Thanks for the kind comments.

Anonymous said...

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