This oil study was done on canvas as a demo for one of my morning watermedia classes. Then, after the evening class met that night, we didn't have any classes for two weeks because of snow and ice and snow and ice and snow.

OR COULD IT BE ---MAYBE the snow and ice came along to cancel classes because the oils had invaded my WATERMEDIA studio? Punishment? It was all Carl's idea to have an oil demo, so maybe we can just blame all that winter weather on him! (Grin.)

Again, the idea was to capture my emotional response about the scene as quickly as possible with few details. A week later, while it was still snowing, I worked on the painting again, trying to straighten up the gondola, add in some more windows, and really messed it up. The sense of immediacy disappeared. It's in the dump now, having joined the piles of wasted watercolors that went before it.

The oil mess is cleaned up. The lids are on tight, and the tubes packed away, paper palettes pitched, brushes painstakingly cleaned ..... until next time. The snow's all melted, finally. Back to my fluid acrylics and watercolors.


Joan Sandford-Cook said...

You do come up with some outstanding back to front ideas - an oil study for a watercolour class!!?? Delightful in its own right and no need for developing it into a watercolour - just as it turned out!!

Dawn said...

this is great! I am sorry it is no longer with us :(

Elizabeth St. Hilaire Nelson said...

thanks for listing me as one of your favorite sites! and this piece is golden and beautiful!

Sandy Maudlin said...

So glad each of you left such nice comments. Thanks.