This first small oil was done on half a sheet of typing paper, which will eventually disintegrate as the oil eats into it. One of the reasons for using a temporary surface to paint on is to take away the importance of a finished product and focus instead on capturing the essence of the scene and my emotional connection to it.

The second painting is a little bigger - about 12 x 9" - and on canvas. A third, very large painting was developed from these two onto a sheet of YUPO paper. It's the third photo posted, although the colors don't quite do it justice.

The YUPO painting was created using all transparent watercolor, and my hope was to establish a very impressionistic, oil-like painting with the watercolor. That slick YUPO surface is so versatile. I LOVE IT!

This Sunday, I'll be doing a YUPO demo for the Watercolor Society of Indiana meeting in Indianapolis. Tomorrow's agenda includes deciding what to paint. It will be fun no matter what.

The first oil on paper painting above has not been posted before, but the last two were posted much earlier in my blogging. I wanted to include them here again with the previous posts of oil-studies-soon-to-be-watercolors.

One of my friends mentioned that he really liked my paintings where the people had no faces. He's an strong introvert and loves art, and I appreciated his observation of the impressionistic look.

"EUROPE'S BEST" Transparent Watercolor on heavyweight YUPO 40 x 26" COLLECTED


Dawn said...

I love all three of them. each of them can stand alone. very very nice Sandy!

Suzanne McDermott said...

I'm glad you posted and wrote about the oil study on typing paper. What a concept. I like that study - the cavernous composition.

Joan Sandford-Cook said...

Three glorious interpretations. .. but on typing paper!! - how brave.

meera said...

Three great paintings - and its wonderful to read about your painting process! Thanks for sharing.

Sandy Maudlin said...

Hey, the typing paper makes it not so important to paint a masterpiece and allows a lot of freedom for anal people likle me. The paper will slowly disintragrate, but I do have a photo of the work. Thanks for your comments, too.