This painting was done in the early '90's and reminds me of today's weather. A friend and I were headed to an art walk this afternoon but never made it out of Indiana due to snow '''flurries.'''

Evidently no one expected the snow to be a problem on the highways, so the roads were quite nasty to drive on for a couple of hours. Sure makes me appreciate all that the highway people do to keep our roads normally clear. And we can hope that Spring will be early this year (smile.)
Rhonda's birthday is Monday, and if you can, pop on over to her blog at http://rhcarpenter.blogspot.com/ to wish her a happy birthday. Have a Happy Birthday, Rhonda. And thanks so much for pushing me to start a blog.
"KOKOMO CREEK SENTINEL" Transparent Watercolor on 140#CP Arches 30 x 22" COLLECTED


Dawn said...

you all have pretty snow in Indiana! a beautiful painting Sandy!
snowed all nite and day here too.

Suzanne McDermott said...

A stunning painting! You captured the low, buttery winter light beautifully.

L'appel des couleurs said...

Very beautiful painting !

Joan Sandford-Cook said...

Love these winter trees - I always say they are like God's interpretation of lace. I'll pop over to Rhonda - thanks for the tip re her birthday.

RHCarpenter said...

I'm a bit late with catching up on some favorite bloggers - and just saw that you spilled the beans on my birthday!! ha ha Well, at least you didn't say the age - I'm taking a clue from the music stars and shaving off 1 or 2, a few, a dozen maybe, years - of course, I don't look that young but what the heck - it's all that hard partying life I've led! ha ha

Sandy said...

Wow, gorgeous! Just doing some catching up here.