What a beautiful morning it's been! The snow outside is soft and deep, curling up and around each obstacle it fell on. The birds have been frantically digging for their food.

This painting was a quick class demo that turned out alright ... from many years ago ... and reminds me of today. The key word here is 'QUICK.'

Because of the natural spontaneity of watercolor, it's a great thing to splash some paint on the paper with an idea in mind and see what happens. The key is leaving it alone, touching it only a bit where it matters, and not working it to death to make it 'better.'

Some artists can naturally and intuitively do this, but for me it's a struggle. I love when it happens, though.

Now I'm off to PLAN another painting .... or change my plans and just paint by the seat of my pants. We'll see.

"SOLITUDE" Transparent Watercolor on 140#CP Arches 12 x 17" COLLECTED


Dawn said...

you do have the most beautiful snow there.
snowed here this morning, but dark and turning to rain. I like your painting better!

Peggy Montano & Paintings said...

Oh, gorgeous painting.

Brent Perkins said...


Sandy Maudlin said...

Thank you so much, everyone. Enjoy painting.