This unique window was near our hotel in Venice. Actually, we stayed in an updated old monastery, not hotel, in Academia, the artsy area of Venice. The place at one time was a home for orphaned boys, and they've remodeled it to be graciously comfortable with some very up to date features.

These ancient walls have been repaired, plastered, bricked over, and patched as much as possible, and that look fascinates me immensely. The textures of the structures there are beyond belief. And the stories those walls could tell when they learn to talk.....

The painting is done in a trasnsparent watercolor style using fluid acrylics. Acrylic ink was used with a nib to help create some of the cracks in the walls, too. It's a painting I really didn't want to finish because it was so much fun to do.

"PRAYER BOX" Fluid Acrylics on 140#HP Arches 15 x 21" COLLECTED


John said...

Love the texture of that old wall. What is the name of the place you stayed as I'm planning a trip back to Venice next year and found staying in monasteries is possible?
I've got www.monasterystays.com as a reference and they have plenty of places in Venice with very reasonable prices (including their fee). They don't show photos' like yours - don't wan't to scare the customers? Love to know the place if you will reveal all.

Sandy Maudlin said...

Hi John, Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving a comment. Here's the website and address of where we stayed. You are so lucky to be going back to Venice!


Rio Terra' Foscarini - Dorsoduro 909/a - VENEZIA
Tel. 041.5224077 - Fax 041.5286214

Dawn said...

not only is this a lovely painting but your perspective is spot on, it looks like a photo Sandy. Just beautiful or should I say Bella?

RHCarpenter said...

Having seen this one in person, I have to say the photo doesn't really do it justice because in person you want to run your hand over the wall and brick, it's so real! Beautiful painting and such a wonderful commemoration of a great trip - I know you're planning another!

Watercolors by Susan Roper said...


If you were to look up the definition of "painted texture" in the dictionary, this painting photo would be with the definition! This is just outstanding. It really speaks of excellent rendering and painting skills. You are the best!

Nick said...

This is great Sandy! The textural look is wonderful, and the prayer box an effective focal point. You might be interested in checking out José Parlá, one of my favorite artists at the moment, he's unreal. (don't miss the Cool Hunting vid)


Suzanne McDermott said...

The blues in that plaster are really effective and beautiful!

Ann Buckner said...

Finally got a chance to visit your blog this week and what a treat. Your love of texture shines in your paintings.