My mom purchased some oil paints for me when I was in sixth grade. She was the best encourager a young artist could've ever had.

Later while I was in college, acrylics became the 'new' medium to use instead of oils. Once our two boys were nearly out of high school, I made time again to paint, and took off with the latest rage of watercolor in the late 80's.
Last summer oils became a challenge to relearn. Posted here is my reference photo followed by a two minute oil sketch, followed by a quick study, both on paper. The last post shows the final study. None are finished paintings.

As usual, it's the shapes in the photo that fascinate me, like the shapes of the hands against the dark shape of the coats. In my classes we've been discussing which of the seven elements of design each of us are most drawn to when we create art.

One of the artists in class is most driven by the element of direction, one by size, and many by color. Several lean toward the element of texture. One woman loves scale or size as a motivating element.
I am certainly a value painter. Contrast of values attracts me the most for sure, then shapes, then textures. Fourth on my list is color, with direction and line next, and size or scale being the least important to me.
Progress for the new year may mean dragging those oils back out. I do love the smell, the creamy consistency of the paint, the way the brush springs back against the canvas.....

"TEA TIME IN RYE" Oil on unstretched canvas 12 x 9"


RHCarpenter said...

You say they aren't finished paintings but sketches in oils - but I like the unfinished, rough look to them, where the brushstrokes show and there is just enough detail and not too much. I like this A LOT!

Carol Carter said...

so great to see you are painting in oils! i'll check back to see how they develop.

it was great to finally meet nick simmons. i felt i had gotten to know him through your eyes. thanks so much for all you've done for me this year.

we will keep in touch i'm sure!

happy holiday... carol

Dawn said...

well I love color and texture, a superfical women I am sure. my favorite part of oils is the canvas.
loving all the oils Sandy.

Joan Sandford-Cook said...

Have I enjoyed your oil paintings recently posted. Like you I took the opportunity earlier this year to spend painting sales money to set myself up in oils again after many years. This time I purchased Michael Hardings - such glorious colours but very slow drying.

Then I looked at your stunning post of the Venetian window you tackled in liquid acrylics. I know I adore doors and windows, but I was just bowled over with every aspect of a painting you listed in another post, ie contrast of values, shapes, texture and colour - one painting with a multitude of lessons for us lesser mortals .