This blog is already in its second year now, and I've posted many current works and lots of past paintings. This one is another oldie - painted in a more romanticized look than I normally paint.

Although the water wheel needs rounded out a bit, I do like how the water in the stream looks, and was pleased with the foliage in the picture, too. Painting sharp edged shapes with strong contrasts seems to be what I like to do a lot, as you can see here. This old mill is in Tennesee, and the painting is for sale.

"TRANQUILITY" Transparent Watercolor on 140#CP Arches, 30 x 22" COLLECTED


Watercolors by Susan Roper said...


I keep going back to look at this one more and more. I am so glad you were not noticing things with this oldie that you wish you hadn't done because this one, for sure, does not rate negativity. I love all the hard edges where they are needed, the softness and luminosity of the water, the complementary colors used so effectively - purple against yellow and orange against blue! You are just so good. Love this one, absolutely love it.

Lin said...

SAndy: I am a great admirer of your work -- just LOVE it! Do you teach anywhere near NC?


RHCarpenter said...

Happy Anniversary, Sandy. So you're going into your 2nd year and I'm getting close to my 2nd year anniversary - it doesn't seem like it's been that long since we've been blogging. Glad you started and glad you are still sharing your work, your talent, and your knowledge with us all.

Dawn said...

this is a beautiful painting, and the water is stunning!

Joe said...

from the guy on the street who thinks manet and monet funny ways to say the word money...this is one of my new favorites.