This painting is another oldie that was a demo for class several years ago. Life is always good when I can enjoy watching the birds while drinking a cup of hot coffee and swinging on my old porch swing.

Chickadees are delightful, tiny birds that come to the feeder platform as soon as there's seed there. I love the way they perch, with their little, thin legs looking like stilts. Time to grab some coffee and watch the birds.

"THREE'S A CROWD" Transparent Watercolor on 140#CP Arches, 15 x 12" COLLECTED


Ces said...

Stunning! It's a treat to come here.

Lisa Reed said...

This just totally relaxes me! Lovely!

Dawn said...

I love chickadees! this is a perfect look outside. Thank you!

Joan Sandford-Cook said...

Oh I can just imagine you enjoying your coffee and swinging away watching the birds. How wonderfully relaxing. Delightful composition and colours. You make an ordinary moment so magical.