This is the same scene as the last post, and I followed what was in my slide reference much closer than I really needed to. It was great to create textures on the gessoed paper, which made it easier to create the look of tile roofs and stuccoed walls.

Cropping off the bottom fourth of the painting might help the compositon a bit. Those big foreground rocks don't really invite the viewer into the painting too well. I seldom paint on gessoed paper this way anymore since YUPO crept into my life.

To see a great interpretation of a cool YUPO portrait, go to Myrna Wacknov's blog - http://myrnawacknov.blogspot.com/ - for her September 10th post. She paints on another unusual surface that I've also used several times - Tyvek - (just like the stuff builders use but without the waterproof coating.)

Compare this post to my previous post to see changes and improvements. This one was the first one done of the two.

"MORNING VISITOR" Transparent Watercolor on 140#CP Arches covered with White Gesso COLLECTED

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Sandy said...

The shadows in this are amazing.