This YUPO painting is one of the first ones I attempted a lot of years ago. The resource was from one of the photos my folks took in Europe back in the seventies. It may be from Spain or possibly Switzerland.

The next few months of my paintings will undoubtedly be of many scenes from beautiful Northern Italy. In fact, the next few YEARS of paintings will probably be about how our trip there affected me.

This painting was inspired by a photo, but seeing the real thing, being in a location for a while REALLY inspires. With six women on our Italy excursion, we will paint almost everyday we are there, or at least some of us will paint. A few may choose to just watch. I'm sneaking in some YUPO in my painting supplies, just in case - only 6 small sheets, plus a little squeegee and very small foam roller.

I'm positive I will take ten times more photos than I can use. Thank goodness for 'delete' on digital cameras:o) If anything turns out ok, I'll post the paintings when we get home.

"GOATMAN" Transparent Watercolor on YUPO


Nava said...

Hope you have a wonderful trip!!

Ann Buckner said...

Hi Sandy, I love seeing your work, both old and new. The simplicity of this painting is wonderful. I have forgotten when you leave for your trip but I'm looking forward to reading about it and seeing all the paintings that come from it.

Joan Sandford-Cook said...

Thanks for sharing your 'oldies'with us. Have a great trip and look forward to seeing your sketches/photos. I treated myself to a 1GB memory stick for my Sony digitial camera when I went to South Africa last year. It was great just clicking away and then editing during the evening. I am very envious as I have always wanted to paint en plain air in Italy. Bon voyage.

Sandy said...

This is going to be fun following along, hope you post a lot!! Beautiful painting.