This past week has been bubbling over with activity - but not on watercolor paper. We have two of our grandkids here, and the project was to make a volcano and let it erupt. We'd tried it last fall with a makeshift volcano and had no luck getting the baking soda and vinegar to spew out of the volcano.

Tomorrow's the day we will try again - but this time with a 'state of the art' volcano, carefully crafted out of plaster wrap and paper maiche, then covered artistcally with snow, a mud slide, a mountain stream, many crevasses and rocks, plus adorned with dinosaurs devouring the lush vegetation growing on the side of the volcano. The kids built the whole thing then painted it with my fluid acrylics and did an awesome job. They are really proud of what they've done, too.

I'll let you know how well the newly created volcano erupts and if any of the dinosaurs survive. Our oldest grandson is going on vacation with us later this summer, and is especially excited about it since we'll be staying on two dormant volcanos, Mt. Mazama and Mt. Hood.


Dawn said...

how lucky are these children? a real volcano right in front of them. what a great job! I hope you will share the exploding photos with us tomorrow.

Suzanne said...

Oh, look! A future geologist and palaeontologist! off to great starts! (and adorable, too.)

RHCarpenter said...

This looks like so much fun and they have so much energy to create and play - and so do you, Grandma!!

debwardart said...

NO WAY that is Brant - what have you done with that cute LITTLE BOY. And who is this YOUNG MAN?
Please tell him that "Beb" says hello.

Sandy Maudlin said...

Thanks, ladies, for the comments. See new post for the fabulous explosion of volcanic activity on Greentree! They had a ball, especially as they watched grandma try to get the thing to bubbkle over, pouring more and more vinegar inside the volcano.

Sandy said...

I love that photo with the little one looking up at her brother.

They did a GREAT job..