This batik became a challenge, mainly because I tried to paint and wax on a very, very thin rice paper called Ichimatsu. Since I chose a subject with so many right angles, using a washi paper with the tiny squared pattern in it seemed like the natural choice.

This photo isn't the best to capture the painting, either, since it was taken several years ago. 'Ichimatsu' means 'checked' or tiny squares, and it's a fun word to roll off your tongue.

Every layer that I waxed and painted on this surface had to dry completely before it could be handled, or it would easily tear. Any rice paper can tear, but this was pushing the limit.

The final mood of the painting suited what I was after.... an empty chair in an antiquated and poorly equiped kitchen. I liked the way the blocks of lights and darks helped create movement in the picture too.

"COUNTER PRODUCTIVE" Transparent Watercolor and Sumi Ink on Ichimatsu Rice Paper, adhered to 140#CP Arches about 13 x 18" COLLECTED

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