This painting was created using fluid acrylics on hot pressed paper which was initially glazed with two coats of gloss medium. I applied colors, building up layers of many colors and, after letting them dry, wiped them partially off with rubbing alcohol to reveal some pretty cool textures. More paint, more rubbing, and more removing continued, and a small amount of rice paper was collaged in a couple of areas.

It's a great process that tells you when you're done... but not in a very loud voice. It was so much fun as I discovered the hidden textures of the painting while lifting off areas with the rubbing alcohol.

In this abstract, the temperature dominance is cool, and it was done about a year before I went overseas, when I then intuitively switched to creating mostly warm temperature paintings. Caran D'ache crayons embellished parts of the painting, too. I spent many hours painting this, then partially removing areas, repainting again and again, and each time I look at it, I remember the joy I felt as I discovered new areas of texture and beauty.

I loved the process, which seems to be more and more important to me lately. The message I want to convey somehow is directing the process choice, and I'm just along for the ride. I love the journey!

"JOURNEY" Fluid Acrylics on Hot Pressed 140# Arches 22 x 30" COLLECTED


Dawn said...

I really like this Sandy. love the purple, really works with the warm colors!

Joan Sandford-Cook said...

Beautiful Sandy and thanks for the insight into the process. Sounds great fun.

janet feuss said...

look at your web site every day and really enjoy your work and instruction..............
janet feuss

Sandy said...

This is beautiful and love the feel between the top half and the bottom half (in my untrained eye) which seems to represent transition from cool to warm temps just emerging possibly.

But remember I know nothing .haha.

i LOVE this. I'm more of a fan of abstract art now after seeing your paintings, than ever before.