Here's another painting from the archives, only this one's even older. This was created using my tape elimination technique - placing bits of torn or cut masking tape where I do not want the paint to go, then painting over the whole page with various colors all the same value with watercolors. I repeat this 'tape pieces/one value of many colors per layer' process until I have six or seven layers of tape and paint and values on the paper.

Peeling all those tiny bits of tape off is tedious, but the surprises of texture and color combinations make the tape removal seem like a treasure hunt. I haven't done a tape picture for a while. I think it's time to get one started. I like how it resembles batik a little, where the paint creeps under the tape, making some awesome edges and textures. I need to try this on YUPO. What a great assignment.

"STONE WALLED" Transparent Watercolor on Crescent Watercolor Board, about 12 x 21" COLLECTED


Nava said...

Nice! very clever, to use such a limited palette and yet have it look so rich with color. Sounds like a real fun technique, too!!

Sandy said...

I would love to follow you around for like ...~~a year and watch you work! This is incredible and that tape technique looks awesome.


RHCarpenter said...

Love the outcome, don't have the patience for the technique! haha

Dawn said...

looks great! I like the vw too!

do you ever have trouble with the tape sticking to the paper?

Sandy Maudlin said...

The tape technique is intensely tedious to do - little painting time and lots of tearing up little pieces of tape time. Plus, you've got to put the pieces in the right places and shape for saving the right valu Never had any trouble with the tape not coming off. Bigger pieces could tear the paper so I'm careful. Finding all the little pieces can be a challenge.
Thanks for all the comments.

Terry said...

just love your tape technique and must give it a try but knowing me it will turn out into an almighty mess