This portrait, done about six years ago, might have been more accurately portrayed on regular watercolor paper, but I chose YUPO because I wanted to really emphasize the textures throughout the painting. The grasses, the foliage, the contrast of the shiny black shoes, and the well worn overcoat, the flop of that hat, the rocks - each had a special texture.

The close up below shows some detail of most of those areas. Click on it and you can see the effects of the fluid paint as it slid around on the plastic paper - especially on the coat area. I did use miskit to help make the grasses have a sense of depth.

Much of the paint was allowed to 'run around' and do its thing within the area where I wanted those particular value and colors to be placed. When I paint 'loosey juicy' on YUPO, I've found that it's best to keep my brush out of the flow of the paint, or it'll end up looking over worked and muddy.

This morning's class will involve another YUPO demo using the window washing squeegee and some foam paint rollers, along with a lot of spritzing and lifting. Got to get some sleep so I'll be raring to go in class. I'll post the results soon.

"CAPTAIN TINSLEY" Transparent Watercolor on Heavy Weight YUPO about 17 x 25" COLLECTED


RHCarpenter said...


Dawn said...

excellent detail. Very good Sandy, it is lovely!

Sandy said...

I love the loose flowy little bit undifferentiated look to it but yet definitely realistic too...what did just say?!?! but I hope you get what I mean..haha. It's great.

have fun at class.