These two paintings were done as demos and completed within a day of each other. The first giraffe was painted on 140# Cold Press Fabriano Artistico cotton paper using traditional watercolor methods. I was given 50 minutes to complete it at The Cincinnati Women's Club Painting Class, but I did draw it ahead of time.

The more contemporary giraffe painting was created on YUPO paper where I'd drawn a curved grid with a watercolor pencil, then roughed in a sketch I could follow. The focus of this painting was to emphasis my response to the drama and exqusiteness of this animal, rather than create a photo likeness, and time to paint and draw was less than 30 minutes.
The YUPO painting was done impromptu in one of my classes one day after the realistic giraffe was painted and was certainly the most playful to paint. I used a one inch flat brush to apply paint to both papers, but the paint on the YUPO paper was moved around a lot by foam rollers and a window washing squeegee.
It's a strange thing that the amount of time it takes to create a painting really doesn't weigh into the factor of how good a painting is. We're so conditioned to think that 'time is money', but in creating art, it's just not so.
I'll redo the YUPO giraffe with more planning in mind, but it's my favorite. What do you think?


Sandy said...

MY FAVORITE!!!!! This is gorgeous, that top one ohhhhhh..


The Crusty Crone said...

Pick one?! You've got to be kidding. I like 'em both! If I had to pick one, under the threat of torture, I'd pick the top one... the 'traditional method'; however, the bottom one looks like it was fun to paint.

Anonymous said...

I really like the YUPO giraffe better. Think that I would like the white areas around the eyes "softened" just a tad.

I love the realalistic one as well, the other just feels "fresher" to me.

Dawn said...

no way am I going to pick one. I love giraffes and love them both!

Sandy said...

I can't choose...I really like both!
Yupo does give a very fresh and spontaneous approach and I like to use it myself...but to choose from these two different but equally beautiful works ...no, can't do it!!

Barbara Sailor said...

I love then both also! I am inclined to go with the realistic one because I am a realistic painter, but this painter is trying to loosen up, so.........
Sandy- I think we do live sort of close. I am located in Shelby County, Ohio - exactly half way between Toledo and Cincinnati. I have been a fan of your work for some time and would like to come to one of your shows some time. Wish you were closer so I could take one of your classes.
Barb Sailor

Sandy Maudlin said...

Thanks for all your responses. I really enjoy sharing the paintings and am glad you responded.